Over my decade long career, I’ve worked with a wide variety of customers in what feels like every industry imaginable. Here you will find some of my older works, which I believe are foundational in my development as a designer.


UI/UX Designer, SuperBetter

Meant to be my foray into the world of altruistic software, SuperBetter was a small start up, put together by the famous TED talker, Jane McGonigal. On this team, I was one of two in-house members of the product team, tasked with designing the experience, as well as the interface itself, of a game designed by the founder.


Co-Creator, RUMBL

Tinder for board games is the easiest way to describe this project. Creating an online community, as well as leaderboards for board games, as well as miniature strategy games. We reached over 10,000 users in our first few months, and established relationships with many major publishers in the space.


Web & UI Designer, Bigpoint, GMBH

Proving I could do more than marketing, Bigpoint afforded me the opportunity to work directly with game development teams, creating interfaces for their triple-A quality browser based games. I also worked with marketing, creating multivariate testing sites for a variety of the games they published.


Web Designer, Tobi

My first real job, hired to be the designer for their online fashion sales platform. This was before most companies really explored having dedicated UI/UX designers, but I quickly found myself in that role. When I first started, there were many user issues, the largest of which was that customers could not find mens clothes! After leading a redesign of their website, I worked to make the products that our customers wanted, easily reachable.