An eye for Design,
with a mind
for Engineering.


Hey, I’m Adam.

I’ve worked on a lot of projects. I started in a competitive environment of start-ups, and I’ve worn almost every hat imaginable. Through these experiences I have become a product strategist, who thinks like an engineer, with a background in user-centered design. I’ve worked for big companies as well as small, and across a huge variety of industries. I’m adaptable and enthusiastic about my work.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than figuring out the solution to a problem through the creation of an interesting product. For me, designing and building successful products is a fun challenge.

I am a product strategist, who thinks like an engineer, with a background in user-centered design.

Recent Clients 


Product Lead, SpiderOak, Inc.

Blockchain based collaboration software.

  • Managed a remote product design team.

  • Implemented strong and effective product strategy.

  • Implemented Agile-based product design process.

  • Developed new and creative products using the blockchain technology platform.

  • Responsible for maintaining a consistent software and brand aesthetic.

  • Managed pacing deliverables from design to development.


Senior Product Designer, Intel

Product design and innovation.

  • Designed both hardware and software-based consumer products.

  • Researched market opportunities for product concepts using Intel technology.

  • Explored new market segments for product development, including augmented reality, athletics, and security.

  • Responsible for user personas, wire frames, and user flows.

I’m sorry, I’m not allowed to share this work publicly, please contact me for samples.

Lead Designer, inDinero, Inc.

Consumer accounting services and software.

  • Researched every aspect of the business to optimize the software product and accounting services.

  • Managed a team of international product and interface designers.

  • Responsible for the complete user experience (UX), and appearance of the product.

  • Implemented a vastly improved on-boarding strategy, decreasing on-boarding time from 3-6 months to under 30 days.


Senior Designer, Google

Internal sales intelligence software.

  • Implemented methods to create actionable insights from large volumes of data.

  • Designed big-data visualization dashboards.

  • Collaborated with remote sales teams to define requirements.

  • Responsible for wireframes, mockups, and user experience.

I’m sorry, I’m not allowed to share this work publicly, please contact me for samples.

Lead Designer, Crittercism

Mobile Application Performance Monitoring software.

  • Innovated new and creative solutions which have become standard in the APM software industry.

  • Implemented a product design strategy which effectively works alongside engineering efforts.

  • Researched customer needs and requirements to deliver products which were not available anywhere in the market.

  • Leader of design aesthetics as well as user experience.

  • Responsible for entire user experience, brand and software aesthetic, and new product development.


In the beginning…


Over my decade long career, I’ve worked with a wide variety of customers in what feels like every industry imaginable. Here you will find some of my older works, which I believe are foundational in my development as a designer.


UI/UX Designer, SuperBetter

Meant to be my foray into the world of altruistic software, SuperBetter was a small start up, put together by the famous TED talker, Jane McGonigal. On this team, I was one of two in-house members of the product team, tasked with designing the experience, as well as the interface itself, of a game designed by the founder.


Co-Creator, RUMBL

Tinder for board games is the easiest way to describe this project. Creating an online community, as well as leaderboards for board games, as well as miniature strategy games. We reached over 10,000 users in our first few months, and established relationships with many major publishers in the space.


Web & UI Designer, Bigpoint, GMBH

Proving I could do more than marketing, Bigpoint afforded me the opportunity to work directly with game development teams, creating interfaces for their triple-A quality browser based games. I also worked with marketing, creating multivariate testing sites for a variety of the games they published.


Web Designer, Tobi

My first real job, hired to be the designer for their online fashion sales platform. This was before most companies really explored having dedicated UI/UX designers, but I quickly found myself in that role. When I first started, there were many user issues, the largest of which was that customers could not find mens clothes! After leading a redesign of their website, I worked to make the products that our customers wanted, easily reachable.